Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

August 19, 2009

Thank You Thank You Thank You. All Of Your Prayers And Generosity Fill Me with Joyful Tears
Blessings To All of You!

Good Shepard Home staff for all the PTO (Payed Time Off) donations that enabled me to receive pay while getting the chemo in California.

Thanks to Pete, Kellie, & Veronica for the plane ticket and buddy passes. Faye, Alice & Tim for Housing in San Diego
Paul & Janet D., Paul H.,  Bobbie S., Jim M., Debra T., Jean Westbrook, for your $ generosity, my lovely travel companion Mrs. Andrea A.-G. with the surprise donation.

Thanks for the great response for our yard sale!

Faye for driving cross country with me and for those good memories

Thanks, Paul, Matt V., Jen N., Natalie, & Beth for the furniture & stuff.

Thanks Frankie L. for donating over $1000 worth of art and antiquities, .

& Offers of Help Faye, Tina and everybody

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