First IPT, First Chemo

First IPT, First Chemo

(Originally posted by Karen in May 28, 2009 at her first Blog)

Targeted, Low Dose Chemo, Potentiated With Insulin (A.K.A Insulin Potentiated Therapy IPT).

Ok, the labs are in and now the fun begins. This is not a cakewalk but much better then the standard (Andriamyacin-Cytoxin) chemo I received in 2003. No hair-loss, rarely vomiting, or weakness, just a really strange buzzed feeling when the blood sugar is dropped just prior to injection. Then, “Glory Halleluiah” energy!

I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did laundry, road my bike to the store and with a back pack full of groceries and a laptop bag I road back all in one day, the second day after treatment.

Granted, this happened initially with the first series of chemo treatments back in 2003. In fact, the tumor shrunk by 2/3rds within the first week of treatment, and I felt as if I had an energy parasite removed, I was energized the same way. Funny, how this energy, boost manifested in a housekeeping rampage also, back in ‘03. Not to say I haven’t cleaned my house since then just not with this stamina!

Then of course, in 2003 the nasty side effects hit.  It was tiredness, to the point of feeling weak, mostly because of loss of appetite with the nausea, hair-loss, then fluctuating blood values. Fortunately, my blood values, especially the Neutraphils needed for immunity from sickness remained just above the normal side of low. This was due to a supplement I was taking called “9405.”

“9405” is a Traditional (/Modern) Chinese Medical supplement with main ingredients, Taurine, Vit E and Maitake, combine to combat the side effects of cancer treatment. At around $100 per bottle, I ran out on several occasions and needed to get the “Neupigen” shot once to increase white blood cells and prevent infection.

As soon as I started taking the mail ordered “9405″ and within a short time, felt better then, next lab would be normal. This was all without the bone painful side effects of the shot.

Fast forward to now. Monday was my 4th dose within 14 days or to be clear, my 4th treatment as there are multiple doses of multiple medication, supplements and even, multiple chemotherapeutic drugs.

The beauty of IPT is that it uses less toxic doses of chemo. Because of the smaller doses a variety of different acting chemo drugs can be used creating a broad spectrum approach. I am getting five different kinds of chemo including Cisplatin.

So far, I am impressed with my initial results. Though I do not have a tumor to gage like last time, having had the surgery to removed prior to treatment, I certainly feel the same good effects minus the lousy toxicity of the 2003, non-IPT treatments.

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