I Had To Do It Bare Foot!

I Had To Do It Bare Foot!

Cathederal Rock

(Originally posted by karen on Sunday, May 10, 2009 in her first Blog)

Sedona, AZ is a vortex of healing and natural beauty. Everywhere you look is a movie frame from many of the great classic Westerns. My introduction to the area was dramatic driving down 89A through Oak Creek Canyon considered the number one scenic highway in the US. Twisting down into the canyon from 6600 feet the vistas unfurled through high alpine terrain to red red rock of the dessert below. Tears were streaming and words wouldn’t come when my mom called on the cell and asked where I was on the road. This is how I entered the town of Sedona.

I arrived at my friend Frankie Laino’s like cottage at around 12 noon. After the grand tour we headed out to the first of 4 vortex climbs starting with Bell Rock. Between the altitude and low stamina, on this 1st climb I had to stop, out of breath every few yards. By the third climb at Cathedral Rock my energy was up and rest stops less frequent. Because of blisters I choose to climb bare foot. It actually feet great my feet on the smooth rock! This earned my the name of Pocahontas by my seasoned hiking teacher. I finally earned a little respect! Hey if did feel good on my feet.

The last of the climbs was up the rock at Boynton Canyon, a sacred place to the local Native Americans. Our day started well but quickly broke down to a down and out fight. Turning around and heading back to base before we even got started. I packed and headed out to eat and find a place to stay before heading onto San Diego, California.

While sitting at the diner, reflecting and praying I got to my part called my friend and made amends. He said to come back and pick up things I left. By the time we kissed and made up we were ready to finish what we started and headed to Boynton Canyon for my last vortex hike before California and chemotherapy. Timing is everything and ours was impeccable. As we made it to the top, found our meditation spots a Pipe Carrier, a Healer came and asked us to help her up on the high part of the rock. She was to then perform a pipe ceremony, a healing moment which came at the end of a vision I had on the way up the rock. All was as it should be. Frankie looked at me from his high perch and mouthed, “this is why we had the fight, so we could be here for this.”

This sweet healer gave me a wonderful gift with a healing and became my car caravan companion for the last leg of my journey to California. Thanks Terri You Rock!;))

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