The “Greek Test”

The “Greek Test”


(I originally Posted this at my first blog back in May 28, 2009)

I love Google! Essentially, I live in a time where the equivalent of the Library of Alexandra, exists at my fingertips for me to peruse and use. This is a wondrous thing. As a research tool the Internet combined with the power of a good search engine is really unprecedented or unparalleled. Short, of course, of a really good intuitive connection to the Akashic Records.

Information is shared, data directed, and thoughts, thought simultaneously. As in any system the info is only as good as the data entered and shared. Good stuff in, good stuff out. So, when I Googled “Greek Test” and got the latest “quack” reports only I was not stymied, but held in judgment to further investigate first hand.

This is one of the recommended tests used at the Integrative Cancer Care Center in Oceanside, CA. It is a $2000.00 test that is not FDA approved in this country but used quite frequently abroad. What does it take to gain FDA approval? Apparently, it takes millions of dollars and many years to get any drug, test or treatment protocol approved so many treatments go un-utilized in this country.

There is a lot of blood involved. Probably 20cc, in addition to the 2K from my bank account, is withdrawn. With my doctors reassurance I went ahead and gave it up to God, the overnight shippers, and some lab in Greece (the test is performed in countries other than Greece.)

The so-called Greek test was developed by an MD to test for cancer sensitivities to various treatments from chemo to supplements. It shows various genetic variances that might make cancer resistant to certain chemo-therapeutic agents and remedies. I liken it to a “Culture and Sensitivity test” for cancer like the one used for infections like urinary tract or wounds.

The limited and negative information online regarding this test really is unfortunate. One of the main negative claims online is that there is never information available about how the test is done. Well the test results I received from the lab were very detailed as to how the test done and result obtained.

It was impressive to get the results in a multi-page report with graphs but more impressive were the results (I will link to a copy of my test soon.)

Previously, I had submitted to current standard of care, genetic testing, including BRCA 1, BRCA2 breast cancer testing which included an in depth history and assessment by a genetic specialist.

Though, I was negative for the known genetic expression for these particular genes (which would have shown increased risks) the extensive family history for cancer made them council me, and MD’s, to treat as if I were positive for the genes.

The Greek test confirmed and somewhat explained that I expressed a tendency, for a MDR or multi-drug resistant cancer. Yes, I did say that calmly. Frightening! This is where a good doctor comes in and I am impressed with my guys in California. They explained that based on the test they could target this cancer by using specific drugs the test showed the chemo drugs to which the cancer was most vulnerable too.

They said that there are ways to weaken the cancer or make it more vulnerable to chemo or trick it to let it’s guard down, “so to speak.” So the choice of chemo drugs and supplements are then geared to my needs increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Cancer is selfish and highly self-preserving. It high-jacks you like a parasitic serial killer beginning at the cellular level. It will produce it’s own chemicals (including blood thinner) allowing it to take over the metabolism of cells in its the neighborhood. So the treatment has to be smart, targeted and on all levels of the body mind and soul.  More links for the test will be added to this post in several days.

Composed 5/22/09

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