Fear and Grace: Techniques for Finding Your Center While Witness to the Crash of Worlds

Fear and Grace: Techniques for Finding Your Center While Witness to the Crash of Worlds

‘Beloved God, my Divine Mother. You are my foundation and source. Please help me to stand strong and at peace in the presences of subtle negativity, or witness to the crashing of worlds. Thank you for being with me always and bringing me to this day. Aum, Om, Amen….’

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. — Dorothy Bernard From Hazelden 10-7-11:

Fear and anxiety are powerful things. Fear can be a good thing if it stops you from crossing a street, protecting you from harm, or challenges you to reassess where you are at and what you are doing in the greater issues of life.

Fears not addressed, building up and ignored, can also harm. When fear is in the driver’s seat, it overpowers the grace of intuition and nothing seems to go well. Life seems to lose its flow. For many with other problems like codependency, substance addictions, or facing profound personal challenges, fear can do more than harm. Fears can immobilize, and actually kill, if it drives one to acting out, or shutting down. Freedom from fear is a necessity when you need to act in a positive, healthy and clear ways to move forward to another level of growth, health and life.

So how do you find freedom from fear, and find the quiet at the center of your soul if you are “shaking in your boots?” What do you do to find the peace and confidence to hear the essential, intuitive guidance you need to navigate a clear path, YOUR clear path no matter what others say?

First know that any fears you have are already within you. Outside circumstances may trigger them but if you have no self-doubts to begin with, then other’s fear roll off of you like a duck in rain. You see it and know the fear is theirs, not yours.

Journaling is a great way to bring the dark fears out into the light of day. This light of day is the best fear antiseptic! One journaling technique is to unload more honestly and openly with the technique of “brain drain” (Cameron, 2002). This is done by spontaneously writing in the morning or any time during the day after you just wake up. Keep a composition book or your favorite journal at the bedside. Before you start the business of the day, put pen to paper and just put words on it. If you are blocked just write about that. Fragments of thoughts will turn into words and next thing, you are writing about dreams from the previous sleep and concerns for the day. Be honest. It does not have to be pretty.

Then look back over this overflow of thought and pin point any anxieties or obvious fears seeping through. If fears are bubbling up during the day, keep a piece of paper with you to jot them down as they come. And plug them into this list when you are accessing your day.

On a separate page in your composition book, name the fear. Get it out of your head and into the light of day. Start the process by opening the journal with a page on left and right. Then start on the left facing page to leave room to write across from left to right. Put your fears in a simple sentences. Then, write at the top of this page a prayer or positive statement asking your God, Goddess, Higher Self, or Angles to remove this fear of _______ and that your mind be directed to your most ideal state? (W. Bill, 1978) This praying/asking works. Do not leave it out of the process. If you are an agnostic or atheist then ask you Higher Intelligence to remove this or help you with it. It is the small self or ego that is usually driving the fears, from childhood beliefs and cultural limitations. Some of these fears are survial based fears for food, shelter, procreation/relationships. Or to put simply, they are fears that you are not going to get what you need to live, have something taken from you, or that you are not loved.

To the right of this fear, write out what your Higher Power, your Truth, God, Great Spirit would have you be in the most ideal state. This can be in the form of an affirmation that is the opposite of each particular fear.

An Example of this could look like this:

Your Fear
“Afraid I am not going to make the right decision” >

>“God, remove this fear of “not making the right decision.”>

Your Ideal State “What God would have you be” (W, Bill, 1978).
>Affirmation: I am guided and protected in all my decisions while in the arms of God, Divine Mother, Jesus…”

Now that you have seen/named the fear; surrendered it through a prayer/request (have shown it to your Higher Power/Grace); then re-presented it through the positive statement, share it with a trusted confidant. If there is no one like a centered counselor, or spiritual advisor that you trust, you don’t have to complete this step immediately. You may want to have this kind of support though through difficult times. Ask yourself, do you have fears of this kind of support? If so, add it to the list. The more thorough you are with this, then the more effective the process. Clean your brain out!

An additional technique is write out each fear in the form of the fear removal prayer on one side of 3” x 5” cards, and then the affirmation/positive claim, on the other side. Keep these with you to remind you that you that have surrendered this fear to a power that is always with you and continue to pray and recite the affirmation. Just writing these out in this fashion is powerful input for the subconscious and helps to transform your attitude, in some cases, immediately. If your channel is clouded up with fear this will clear it and your meditations will be easier and deeper. Your intuition and guidance will then flow. And your answers will come.

One other technique is to list daily, 20 things, that you are grateful for especially the small miracles. This helps with feelings of resentment and victimization. If your feelings of resentment are great, you can also name, list and pray them away. Then see your part and be empowered in your life. Fear though is usually the main motivator of resentment.

This is an ongoing process. Keep up this technique and you will free your self, empower yourself; and help yourself open to the greatest power of all, a wise, all knowing, loving and forgiving Spirit within.

Blessings, Karen Jones, RN Healer, Health Coach, Healing Energy Cook

Acknowledgments: This freedom from fear technique was inspired by the many 12 Step Programs that came out of Alcoholics Anonymous and can be found in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous World Service, 3th ed., 1978. Also, thanks to Paramahansa Yogananda, my teacher and beloved friend, and to all the people who have helped me with this process along my path. Also to all those who have let me help them with this process, you especially help me every day. You all know who you are.


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