Transformation Health Coaching

Personal Transformation Health Coaching (via Skype or Google Hangouts)

Everyone experiences challenges and resistance to change, even changes we want and would benefit from. This coaching program is holistic and comprehensive and provides tools that help bring awareness to patterns of resistance and their, underlying causes while unlocking, unblocking and clearing them. This allows your own intuition, and clear judgement to open, uncovering your inherent strengths and abilities to shine.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment and interview to determine initial goals, and personalized plan and contract for accountability.

Some of the techniques utilized include journaling, insight techniques for listing the basic blocks of resentments, fears, limiting beliefs and processes to let go of them. Visioning your ideals, personal: health, relationships, career, and spiritual rooting. Action and goal reevaluation and re-setting, and accomplishing in doable block. Any outside support needs beyond the scope of the coaching will be encouraged.

For more information about this service CONTACT Karen and she will return your email withing 48 hours. Thank you for your interest.

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***This program does not intend to substitute for professional, clinical healthcare provided by your health care professional but is for education and support purposes.

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